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training, consulting & artist management

For the All Star DJ Academy, helping people gain new or existing skills & knowledge isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion of mine. I make learning to DJ easy, affordable and fun!

Have you always wanted to be a DJ but don't know where to start? 

I offer the best training programs to help kick start your DJ career from knowing nothing to advance knowledge.

I knew nothing myself to becoming a successful professional entertainer! Let me share all my tips & secrets that I have learned!






Guaranteed Success

This is an excellent way for participants to learn a new skill or continue expanding an existing skill. Learn the very basic knowledge of a DJ, what equipment we use to advance strategies like beat mixing, programming music & microphone etiquette. There are numerous classes available so don't wait for another opportunity. Contact me today!

DJ Equipment


Specialize in weddings

This is a great way to jump right in and get a crash course in the wedding industry. You will learn how to run a successful wedding from start to finish. We have the templates, tip & tricks learned over the past 25 years. No, you will not learn everything in 10 weeks as experience is the key to ultimate success. I try to get you there faster then if you tried to learn it on your own. You'll get the full experience to help prepare you as a professional wedding dj.

Wedding DJ


Exceptional Progress

My goal is to empower DJs through the expansion of knowledge. This is a great way to begin or continue your growth on that journey. I offer one on one DJ coaching and work on your overall needs. 


Are you looking to DJ your next event?

After completing the All Star DJ Academy, you can start your own DJ business or let me worry about the business part and you can join a great team of established talented professional entertainers just like yourself. They serve over 1000+ events a year with a history of success! I manage DJs for weddings, corporate events, private parties & more!

Dancing in the Mist
10 week boot camp
DJ Training
Artist Management
Consulting Services
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